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Shining a positive light on well workplaces

Does your organisation pride itself on looking after people? Then how about gaining the kudos and recognition you deserve?

In a competitive marketplace where attracting and retaining staff can be challenging, it’s no secret that if you want to be counted among the best places to work, you need to take care of your people.

Providing a healthy workplace where employers can be seen to proactively look after their staff is vital. But even with the best intentions in the world, how do you really know that your workplace culture is a healthy one in terms of work practices as well as physical environment?

And if you fall short in some areas, how would you know, especially if you’re keen to go above and beyond the basic government health and safety requirements?

How can you tell how well you measure up?

The WorkSpace IQ Accreditation System takes the guesswork out of whether or not your establishment is helping or hindering people’s health. It provides an easy way for you measure how well you’re really doing.

Based on three levels of achievement, it covers a comprehensive range of wellbeing indicators within your organisation, crediting those areas in which you do well and identifying areas where you might have room for improvement.

Gain accreditation and the recognition you deserve

People sitting at desk pods in bright green and white healthy looking officeAs well as giving you a workplace wellbeing measure, via three levels of ratings accreditation, the WorkSpace IQ Accreditation System provides a visible way for your organisation to actively promote the healthy environment and culture you offer.

Recognised accreditation symbols enable you to showcase your commitment to wellness on your website, business material, job adverts and anywhere else you want to demonstrate to people, both within and outside your organisation that you really do care.

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Jane's pragmatic approach and expertise is of the highest calibre. Our medical practice has had previous ergonomic assessments, but these paled in comparison to Jane's expert knowledge and experience. Jane was flexible and able to provide skype assessments - capturing both work and home office locations. I would (and do) highly recommend her to other individuals/businesses."
Rebecca Randerson, GP, Wellington