Injury prevention & management

Managing and preventing injury, and educating your team to work safely is an integral part of workplace wellness.

Office workers using adjustable office furniture and equipment

Create an adjustable workspace

We provide workplace assessments for people with pain issues, workplace audits and training in safe work place practice either in groups or individually.

WorkSpace IQ’s experienced staff provide these services:

    • Identify potential causes of work place injury and provide practical and cost effective solutions to overcome these
    • Support people returning to work after illness with graduated return to work programmes
    • Train individuals or groups in safe computer use, posture and keeping well in the workplace
    • Provide regular ongoing office wellness clinics
    • Give advice on appropriate office equipment
    • Trial of office equipment prior to buying
    • Advice on home office set up
    • Assess accessibility to your business

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We have actually been working in this field for many years. WorkSpace IQ founder, Jane Cowan-Harris established SitRight WorkWell in 2004 specifically to address such issues before expanding the business to offer more to you as WorkSpace IQ.


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I really enjoyed your presentation... on Tuesday a colleague came to me to complain about a lack of light in her office and that she wanted a desk lamp, so I was able to whip out the Office Max catalogue and take a look at the Daylight lamp (the white one you had a photo of) and we are going to order a couple.
Amanda Clifford, Postgraduate Administrator, Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies