Workplace wellness

Workplace wellness

Business executive on a bikeWhat do we mean by workplace wellness? Healthy buildings, gyms, people biking to work, regular workstation checks, reduced insurance premiums?

Well, in a word, yes. Workplace wellness is all that and more. Relating to the physical environment and organisational culture of your workplace it includes:-

  • a building which has good lighting, good work spaces, easy access, good air conditioning systems, a designated lunch area
  • a culture of good health and fitness within the company such as encouraging walks at lunchtimes, not working excessive hours, encouraging team building, and community involvement
  • good productivity rates, with less time off sick, good staff retention
  • onsite massage, regular workstation checks

At WorkSpace IQ we aim to coordinate the creation of a healthy workplace from the design phase through to occupation by:

  • New office rebuild or workplace renovation ergonomic consultation: at the beginning of your new workspace project it’s essential to think about how your staff will work best in their new environment. In collaboration with your architect or project manager, we will look at space use, lighting needs, glare control, options for working heights, access into and around the workplace and any other needs specific to your industry. Regular contact is maintained with your organisation throughout the process to ensure all aspects of the workspace are covered. The cost of this service is based on numbers of staff working in your workplace.
  • Furniture purchase advice: buying new furniture for any workplace is an expensive exercise, so it pays to get it right first time. Keeping your budget in mind, we can advise you on seating options from office to industrial use, that can cater for a range of heights and sizes of staff, built in, fixed and height adjustable desks and benches, and a range of other desk top equipment. Sustainable equipment which meets your changing needs with staff and tasks makes good sense.
  • Office set up checks:  once your business is in its new premises, it is essential to make sure staff know how to adjust their furniture and that they have set themselves up correctly. People often don’t think about this when they move into a new office, until too late, when they start to experience pain from poor set up. Avoid this happening and make the follow up check part of your new office move process.
  • Workplace Wellness Maintenance Programmes:  Just like vehicles, we all need a regular check up to ensure we haven’t slipped into bad habits. Also people’s jobs change, new staff start, and other events happen in our lives which can affect how we perform at work.  Maintenance programmes can be booked to suit your organisation’s needs and can vary from fortnightly to once a year, though more regular checks than annual are recommended, particularly if staff change regularly. A monthly payment option is available for this programme.
Business people conducting a meeting as they walk

Instead of sitting down, hold a ‘walking meeting’

Specialists in other areas such as productivity, health programmes and monitoring, onsite massage and staff engagement can be coordinated as required to best meet your needs.

Healthy workplaces result in a healthy business, so ensure that WorkSpace IQ is involved in your workplace right from the start. Your staff will reward you with more creativity, energy and business.

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All it took was one visit from Jane and only 3 changes to how I do things and it has made a huge difference to my work life and performance.Thanks again!!
Jeanette Gregan, Office Manager, Dress-Smart Hornby