Workplace wellness clinics

Workplace wellness clinics are designed to help you sustain a healthy workplace as part of your everyday business.

Run by our qualified, experienced professionals, Tailored to suit your needs, they can be run once a month, bi-monthly, quarterly or scheduled for any time frame which best suits your needs.

The length of time a clinic runs for varies between 1 and 4 hours, depending on your staff numbers, whether anyone has a discomfort issue and frequency of staff turnover.

They can also include new staff inductions in workstation set up and healthy work habits, or assessment of anyone who is experiencing pain at work.


  • A clinic run by experienced health professionals will help support your H&S programme within the workplace in a cost effective way
  • People are reminded, where necessary, of simple tips and techniques that help them form and maintain healthy work habits
  • Employees feel appreciated when they know they are well taken care of and can take action to maintain good health at work
  • Early reporting of discomfort issues, which reduces the negative impact of lost time and leads to a more rapid resolution of an issue
  • When there are discomfort issues, we can recommend appropriate health professionals to support your staff member’s recovery

Whatever size or type of business you are in, clinics have a positive impact on the health of your staff, and on the health of your organisation.

To organise your on-site Workplace Wellness Clinic or find out more, contact