Workplace design

Better workplace design means better workplace performance


When work spaces are intentionally designed for the people working in them, everybody wins. Absenteeism decreases, the amount of time lost due to work-related health issues and injuries decreases and staff retention rates improve. A well designed workplace also increases creativity and productivity.

In other words, whatever and wherever your line of work, intelligent work space design saves you time and money.

We help create great spaces in all sorts of places including:

  • Commercial offices
  • Home offices
  • Call centres
  • Customer service areas
  • Reception areas in any work place
  • Laboratories and technical spaces
  • Factories and industrial work places
  • Educational, teaching and training spaces

We can offer advice and practical help with areas such as:

  • Workspace planning, including ergonomic design
  • Lighting, workspace positioning and window treatments
  • Universal design to allow access and use of the workplace for everyone
  • Office furniture and desktop accessories (including ergonomic options)


  1. We look at what your team does, collectively and individually
  2. We consider what each person needs to do their job well
  3. Then, working in collaboration with you, your architect, interior designer or office manager, we put together a practical plan to ensure yours is a sustainably healthy and productive work place; one which encourages positive movement and team collaboration.

We look forward to creating a great space at your place. To find out how we can help you and your team enjoy a well planned, healthy work space – contact us via email or call us on 03 326 5450.

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Jane's ability to analyse and understand a workplace and provide solutions so quickly is fantastic.
Kate Watts, Textile designer and manufacturer