Blog - Workplace assessments? There’s an app for that!

What do you prefer to read? A lengthy report full of irrelevant information, or a concise summary with relevant recommendations? When I started working for myself back in 2004, I already had over 20 years experience as an Occupation Therapist and knew that when they engaged me to complete workplace assessments, few organisations wanted to receive lengthy reports. I was also aware that the required medical information gathered for ACC-related cases is not always appropriate or relevant for an employer to know. I knew that these reports needed to be made more usable for the person who was going to be responsible for taking action on the recommendations.

Basically, an employer wants to know the basics of the causes of their employee’s pain (if it is work related), what can be done to improve things for their employee and what action they, as an employer need to take.

Streamlining the process

Since 2004 I had been using a paper-based process, writing up a reports and attaching any photos taken from a mobile phone. This could be a slow process, so when I was approached 4 years’ ago by a new-on-the-block app development company, Clarinspect, to see if I was interested in getting an assessment app developed, I was excited about the possibility of having a more streamlined way of reporting.

As with most software developments, it has taken a few iterations to get the process flowing in the best way to provide the right information for the client, but overall, I am delighted to have an easy to use tablet-based process, that immediately embeds images into the report as I go. The advantages of using an app like this are that:

  • The report is quick to do with only minor edits required at the end of the process – completing a report may only take five minutes compared with 30 minutes to transfer paper information into a report format. This is a huge time saving for any business.
  • The embedded images provide clear supporting information to back up your report
  • It ensures consistency of report format regardless of whoever in your organisation is completing the assessment
  • The end result is a useful report for everyone
  • Clarinspect provide excellent support in terms of app set up and ongoing assistance as required. There are also helpful online tutorials as well as help at the end of a phone (real people!).

Additional benefits

Hand slid into a velcro strap on the back of a tabletOne of the additional benefits of using the tablet is being able use an e-holder, which provides a sleeve through which your hand holds onto the tablet – much easier than gripping the side of your tablet for long periods. This was another piece of helpful advice from Clarinspect.

Jane Cowan-Harris being presented with a certificate by Mark EnglishSo, given how useful I have found this tool, I was delighted to recently receive an award as an Octa Centurion from Clarinspect, who inform me that I have completed over 800 assessments since starting to use their app! Here I am getting my certificate from Mark English, Clarinspect’s founder. Another bonus surprise what that the certificate came with a delicious bar of dark (72% cocoa) chocolate – super healthy!

Thank you Clarinspect for the chance to develop this app with you, and to simplify my life as well as that of my clients. And for any of you thinking that you may have a process that could be streamlined, I say give it a whirl. It could really make your worklife so much better!