At WorkSpace IQ we really do love creating great spaces and healthy work environments for people.

These client testimonials will give you an idea of the quality of service you can expect to enjoy when we work alongside you and your team to create a healthy, sustainable business.

WorkSpace IQ has greatly improved my working space by assessing and addressing my health issues that make working with a standard desk long-term set up very uncomfortable. They made small, creative changes that made a big difference, and resourced hire equipment so I could try it out before my employers bought it. I highly recommend WorkSpace IQ for workplace assessment and follow up.” – Lead Writer, Streamliners, Christchurch

WorkSpace IQ’s pragmatic approach and expertise is of the highest calibre. Our medical practice has had previous ergonomic assessments, but these paled in comparison to WorkSpace IQ expert knowledge and experience. They were flexible and able to provide Skype assessments – capturing both work and home office locations. I would (and do) highly recommend them to other individuals/businesses.” – Rebecca Randerson, GP, Wellington

We engaged WorkSpace IQ to help us evaluate our office space which had grown rapidly. They spent time with all staff to find out about them and their needs in the office and the roles they have. Recommendations were given and all staff have taken on board the recommendations. These changes while some of them were minor they  all contribute to ensure that staff do not incur any injuries. Also with the equipment that was suggested they provided cost effective solutions for us. We would be happy to use WorkSpace IQ again in the future.” – Steve Sutton, RD Petroleum (fuel distributors)

I was having neck and shoulder issues and WorkSpace IQ came over and performed a workplace assessment. Correcting the height of the desk & monitor, assessing light levels, chair etc. and I am now feeling much better. I would be happy to recommend WorkSpace IQ to anyone looking to correct their workplace ergonomics.” – Patrick Davey, Engineer, (working in home based office), Snowpool

Thank you for your help, John’s desk arrived just before we left and he is really pleased with it. The lamp and chair also work well for him. I am finding my space suits my needs as well and the chair height has made a difference. We feel your advice has saved us a lot of time and potentially bad decisions and we can now move on supported by a workable home office.” – Jenny Gibbons, Home-based office

“The team from WorkSpace IQ visited our workplace recently. There friendly professional manner was evident from the beginning. They quickly assessed our workstations and was able to provide instant feedback. Small changes were able to be made immediately, these were at little to no cost. Equipment could be trialled with the option to purchase however there was no pressure to buy. A follow up detailed written report along with a phone call to see how things were progressing was much appreciated. We would highly recommend WorkSpace IQ services.” – Catharine Bartlett, Office Manager, Christ The King School

“After suffering with neck pain for several months I sought help from Workspace IQ. Jane visited and made some great recommendations which have made a real difference to both my comfort level and productivity. I’m very happy with the products she recommended with the Microdesk being the most useful. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Workspace IQ to anyone.” – Tammara Lowdell, Christchurch Top 10 Holiday Park

I work from home in a very small space and had been having on-going issues with neck pain and headaches. I was not helping myself to be honest. We are also renovating our house and a new office is being created for me. I didn’t want the same problems of bad posture and design to occur with this space too.

I had heard about WorkSpace IQ’s services for some time and looking back I don’t know why I kept putting it off. It was excellent and with some easy tweaks to my chair, sensible advice on distances to the computer screen etc, my existing space was sorted. WorkSpace IQ was also great help with tweaking the office design in terms of desk height and lighting etc. The process was so easy and quick and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any small at home worker! – Emma Newman, Owner, Emma Newman Weddings, Christchurch

Hi Jane, it was very nice to meet you on Monday night at the AAPNZ meeting and I really enjoyed your presentation. Food for thought. Already I have started to use a headset which I have had for about a year and have got out of the box but never done much with it! tested it a couple of times but not used it.
On Tuesday a colleague came to me to complain about a lack of light in her office and that she wanted a desk lamp so I was able to whip out the Office Max catalogue and take a look at the Day light lamp ( the white one you had a photo of ) and we are going to order a couple. So, all in all a very useful presentation for me to attend and I thought that you would like to get the feedback. – Amanda Clifford, Postgraduate Administrator, Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies, Christchurch

Hi Jane. Many thanks for the work that you have put in to help me select a suitable office chair. I found that your expertise in this assisted greatly. The selection of chairs that you showed me was fantastic as you showed me a range of chairs that gave me many options across a broad price range. I made a selection based on your recommendations and am please to say that I no longer get a stiff or sore back by the end of the day. And of course, this has helped me with my work. I also must thank you for helping me set up my desk correctly – I don’t get sore eyes anymore either! Thanks again. – Brendan Daly, Assistant Broker, Avon Insurance Brokers, Christchurch

As a self employed Graphic Designer, I can spend extremely long hours at my computer. When I met Jane, I instantly jumped at the chance to get her to check and re adjust my work station. Since having Jane in my back and neck problems have improved immensely. And I am so much more aware of my seating position and when I need to do my exercises. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane. I’m happy for you to get my contact details from Jane for a verbal testimonial. I truly believe in WorkSpace IQ’s service. – Jay Ganda, Red Dot Design, Christchurch

I have suffered for years from neck and shoulder pain from what I have now discovered came from poor posture and all it took was one visit from WorkSpace IQ and only 3 changes to how I do things and it has made a huge difference to my work life and performance. Thanks again!! – Jeanette Gregan, Office Manager, Dress-Smart Hornby

Simply by providing me with the right chair for my needs and encouraging me to find an adjustable height table, WorkSpace IQ has made years of back pain instantly disappear, as well as providing a unique solution that enables me to be able to print, design and sew in the same work space. WorkSpace IQ’s ability to analyse and understand a workplace and provide solutions so quickly is fantastic. – Kate Watts, Textile designer and manufacturer

Having previously met Jane as an employee, she was the obvious choice to assess my work space when I decided to embark on self employment. Jane was great, she visited me at my home and pretty much changed everything about my home office, she provided fantastic cost effective equipment to make my daily work-life comfortable and made recommendations that have been very worthwhile. I am particularly pleased with my new chair which was a great price and even came in my corporate colour! I would highly recommend Jane for anyone starting a new business and also to existing businesses for staff assessments. – Hayley Murdoch, Chartered Accountant, Ohoka, Rangiora

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I was having neck and shoulder issues and Jane came over and performed a workplace assessment. Correcting the height of the desk & monitor, assessing light levels, chair etc. and I am now feeling much better. I would be happy to recommend Jane to anyone looking to correct their workplace ergonomics.
Patrick Davey, Engineer, Snowpool