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Desk and chair set up with laptop on a laptop riser surrounded by various paperwork and noticeboards

I was recently asked to do a workstation assessment for some who is based in another city and who works from two different locations, one of which is a home office. Travelling from Christchurch to Wellington to assess this one person would have made the process ridiculously expensive, however having had recent experience with low ...

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Child sitting on sofa looking at mobile device

Have you ever been browsing online, found some fascinating information and then been unable to find it when you went back to look? This happened to me recently when I went looking for research around technology use and children. It’s one of the areas I regularly get asked about, both by friends and clients, who ...

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Close up image of cello strings up close

Have you ever woken up with a really stiff neck – so stiff, that you have to turn your whole body round to see to look sideways? If you have, you’ll know just how painful an experience this can be. This happened to me a week back, and it reminded me how much being in ...

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