Blog - Small change… BIG difference

Small changes can make a big differenceIf you’re reading this at work, stop for a moment. Look around you. If you’re somewhere else, close your eyes and imagine your desk or your work space. Do you like what you see, or do you think your surroundings could do with a bit of a lift next year?

If the latter sounds like you, but it’s not in the current budget to renovate or refurbish, read on… there’s no need to do a complete makeover to brighten up your workspace, small changes really can make a BIG difference.

I did this exercise myself recently and decided that I had finally had enough of sitting on a rather grubby looking, but still comfortable office chair. Rather than spending money to replace it for replacing’s sake, I decided to get it re-covered and it made a world of difference. For a total spend of just over $100, it’s made my office look a million dollars plus it cheered me up no end! (It’s easily done through furniture specialists such as Canterbury Office Furniture or The Office Chair Doctor, or if you prefer, talk to me and I will organise to have your chair re-covered for you).Picture of office chair reupholstered with red fabric

It can be very easy as we go about our business to forget about our work environment and this is especially true when it comes to plants. If you already have some but they’re looking a bit tired, of course give them a drink in an effort to revive them, but I also recommend splashing out even $20, on a couple of healthy new specimens (putting a reminder in your calendar to give them a water regularly) and seeing how they can lift the spirits (as well as the oxygen levels in the room!).

Keeping the artwork fresh is another way to give your work space the feel good factor. If you’ve a pin board above your desk or in the staff room, go and check to see how ‘fresh’ it’s looking. Are there interesting things to look at or is everything on display dry or stale?

If so, pinning up colourful postcards, interesting sayings or children’s artwork; anything engaging and uplifting that draws your attention away from the intense focus of your computer work or shop front and relaxes you a little.

And while the holiday break is a time to stop thinking about work work, when you are making those New Year plans or resolutions, I really would encourage you to dream a little about how you can cheer up your space and make it a better place to work.

I look forward to sharing more tips and thoughts on creating healthy workspaces in 2015, in the meantime, whether you’re taking a break or working, I wish you a merry Christmas and all the very best for the coming year!