Blog - Resilience in the face of adversity

“How did they do it”?

Being out and about every day, one of the upsides of my job is that I get to see what’s going on in different parts of Christchurch.

On my recent travels around relocated offices, I have seen remarkable recoveries of people, office systems and businesses in general. Given what we’ve had to overcome, I’ll bet we’ll look back in the years ahead, and think “How on earth did we manage to keep going at such a traumatic time?” But keep going we have done and for the most part, we have done so successfully.

“How long can they keep it up?”

Now that we’ve a little more time to catch our breath however, it’s time to be aware of the underlying stress that might be affecting people at work.

Much of what has kept us going initially was adrenalin and as aftershocks have subsided, so have adrenalin levels. Also, for many of us, the constant stress of uncertainty surrounding businesses, jobs or homes is beginning to impact more on our general wellbeing.

Time for some stress relief

So make time to ensure you and your staff has time to keep going as a team.

Even if you’re working in different locations, get together and have a morning or afternoon tea together regularly, particularly if staff are all working from their own home.

Remember to include all staff such as reception or administrative staff who may be based elsewhere. If someone has more significant issues which are affecting their ability to manage everyday tasks including work, encourage them to see a counselor to help them work through these.

If you have an EAP scheme there are counselors available otherwise, Relationship Services ( offer free counseling.

Keep people well informed

Keep staff up to date with how the business is going, even if the trends are not quite going in the direction you want. You never know – they may have some great ideas to push things forward, and accepting these will help keep your staff working with you to keep the business going.