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In my professional capacity as an occupational therapist helping people who have pain at work, I have seen a good selection of home-based offices; I also have first hand experience, working in a home-based office myself. I have found that pain is usually caused by how people are working and what they are working on.

In my search to help people more, I have struggled to find useful material in books or online. There are plenty of ideas out there, most of these offices look good, but may not be that comfortable to work in for long periods. Technology use allows us to work from home more and more, and the demands of this are that we can be desk bound for long periods. So comfort and knowing how to set up safely to avoid getting a sore neck, back, arms or shoulders is essential.

This book gives some practical suggestions of what to look for and how to set yourself up with the aim of creating a pleasant and safe work environment.

The advice given aligns with evidence-based findings used to revise New Zealand’s WorkSafe/ACC Computer Guidelines Code of Practice and follows international best practice.

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