Blog - Open plan… better by design

Well designed open plan office with plants inside and plenty of windows overlooking trees outsideEarlier this year I was fortunate enough to catch up with time management and productivity guru Robyn Pearce.  Robyn has been specialising in workplace productivity for more than 20 years and having seen various pieces she’s written during this time, I knew that should we ever cross paths, we would have much in common. When it transpired that she was going to be down in Christchurch for a couple of days, I took the opportunity to arrange a meeting and enjoy a coffee with someone who is as passionate about the importance of effective workspaces as I am.

Originally scheduled to last an hour, Robyn and I did indeed hit it off and our meeting came to a close some hours later. If you have worked with me or come across my blog before, you will know – as my business name suggests – that I place great importance on a well designed work space and it turns out that one area that we both have a particular interest in is the challenge of open plan offices.

In her article Open Plan Offices: Good, Bad or Ugly? Robyn looks at the benefits and disadvantages of open plan offices and the importance of getting the design right.

While open plan offices can encourage collaboration and communication, they really do require intentional planning. As well as looking at the pluses and minuses, she outlines what a good open plan office looks like and the cost to an organisation of a bad one.

As Robyn says, open plan offices can work but need “very careful design and plenty of alternatives for different purposes and working styles.”

If you’re thinking about the layout of your office and would like to know more about how you can design an open plan work space that is both effective and productive for all who work in it, please contact me and we can look at ways to make sure that your office is neither bad, nor ugly, but good.