Blog - Buying new office furniture?

Buying the wrong office furniture can be costly so you want to get it right first time.

In my experience it always pays to keep a checklist with you when buying. Points to consider include:

  • A back angle adjustment  on your office chair – this allows more versatility for individuals
  • A high chair back – as your computer use increases it’s good to have something to lean back into. Without the higher back, we all lean towards the computer with consequent neck issues.
  • A comfortable seat cushion – again, we are all sitting for longer periods if working on a computer. Be kind to yourself and your staff, and get chairs with a good padded seat. They will thank you for it!
  • Chair depth adjustability.  Preferably get two models of chair for your office, one being longer in the seat depth for all those tall people. An alternative is to get a chair with a sliding seat which gives more flexibility.
  • Office desks really need to be selected carefully. Many are well above recommended heights, and as a result, businesses then have to spend another $80-$100 per person to get a footstool. Save yourself money and get a desk 700mm high, or a height adjustable one. There are suppliers in town who will make the desk to the height you want, if height adjustability is too much for your budget.
  • If you are thinking of taking the plunge and getting a sit stand desk (rises up to standing height at the touch of a button), contact me about the options locally. Having just converted my own desk, I can report that it is just great to have the ability to change positions so easily.
  • Desk lamps are often essential for those people in home-based offices where the lighting isn’t sufficient. Look out for the sales with lighting companies and get one which has lots of adjustability so that it can be positioned over the top of your screen rather than to one side.