Mobile working

Are you often on the move? Working out of the office?

It can be easy to overlook our wellbeing when working on the move, working from home, in a cafe or on the road.

man sitting at cafe table using laptopIt’s easier to ignore what you can’t see. For the sake of your health we can help ensure that regardless of the office equipment and devices you might be using, you’re correctly set up wherever you are working.

Common issues that can arise are:

  • laptop or tablet use in less than ideal conditions e.g. in the car, in motel rooms or in cafes
  • frequent carrying of a laptop plus other equipment e.g. separate keyboard and mouse
  • long periods of driving which result in back or hip pain
  • use of smaller devices with more risk of eye strain
  • neck and shoulder pain due to using mobile/portable devices
  • hand strain from using tablets for assessment or audit purposes

WorkSpace IQ can provide:

  • advice on safe laptop and iPad use
  • advice on how to carry equipment safely
  • assessments of car seating
  • advice on how to pace travel and alleviate back pain with some stretches
  • advice on how to safely hold tablets and mobile devices for longer periods

Does your organisation meet its employer obligations?

Remember if you are an employer, or are self employed, you are still required to meet the Health and Safety standards under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015).

Contact us via email now or call Randa Abbasi on 021 197 1060 to find out what you can do to ensure yours is a healthy workplace.