Case study - Streamliners – documentation specialists

Streamliners is one of New Zealand’s leading documentation specialists, helping other organisations to capture, share, and maintain their knowledge. They do this by providing audience and content analysis, design, writing, maintenance and publishing services. This involves most of their 57 full time and 14 part time staff members in intensive computer based work.

We first started working with Streamliners in December 2014 and ever since then, they have shown an ongoing commitment to ensuring that people are correctly set up at their workstations and are aware of safe computer use and good work habits.

They recently moved from a smaller and increasingly crowded building into new premises to accommodate their growing workforce and this allowed them to further enhance their work environment. This includes spaces for focussed work, private meeting rooms, bike parking, shower facilities and a pleasant lunch or away-from-desk space. They have been using desks where their staff can sit and stand for some years now and have continued on with this practice. This helps everyone to keep moving and work as they find comfortable. Recently they have started weekly Pilates groups.

Streamliners bring us in to assess all new staff for workstation set up and computer work practices within the first few weeks of starting and if anyone on staff has discomfort at any time, this is assessed within a week of the problem arising; this leads to a speedy resolution of discomfort in most cases.

Their ongoing commitment to staff wellness has been shown by their recent achievement of gaining a Level 2 in the Workplace Wellness Accreditation System, with only a few changes required for them to achieve the top Level 3 status! We congratulate Streamliners in their ongoing commitment to looking after their team’s wellbeing and creating a healthy workplace.