Office design that works

Create an office design that really works for you,
one that’s well thought through and based on:

  • Flexible, future proof design planning
  • Professional, best practice expertise
  • Contemporary workplace ergonomic principles
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Health and safety matters

In a healthy business, health and safety
matters. Sustainable work practices help:

  • Prevent and reduce workplace injury
  • Increase staff retention rates
  • Create a productive, healthy workplace

Ergonomics & universal design

Our holistic approach considers all aspects of
workplace design, including ergonomics and
universal design.

  • Accessibility
  • Office furniture selection
  • Workplace wellness programmes

A healthy workplace is a healthy business

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Workplace ergonomics

From working with your project team at the design phase of a new office development or fit-out, through to advising you on office furniture selection, placement and set-up, we help coordinate the creation of a healthy workplace whatever you need, whatever your situation. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Workstation assessments

In a world where computers are now an everyday part of life, it’s essential that people know how to use them safely. It’s important that everyone is well set up and knows how to work correctly at their workstation. Our focus is to help take care of you and your staff, so you can get on with taking care of business. Find out how…

Workplace accreditation

Is yours a well workplace? How would anyone know? The WorkSpace IQ ratings tool gives you a measured way to benchmark your organisation’s performance. Gaining accreditation also means you receive visible recognition for your efforts, demonstrating that you actually walk the wellness talk. Find out more…

Client testimonials

I had nothing but positive feedback from everyone here so that was fantastic!
Amy Peddie, Medical Assurance Society

Healthy workplace benefits

  • Improve workplace wellness in your business.
  • Buy the right furniture first time
  • Meet HSWA (2015) compliance regulations
  • Build a healthy workplace culture
  • Increase the feelgood factor and productivity

Workplace accreditation